My Wedding Concierge is an Australian based company, dedicated to helping people organise their big day, whilst also saving them time, and money.

We've all heard stories about how stressful it is to organise a wedding, trying to make contact with countless businesses, spending days talking on the phone, and witnessing instant price inflation as soon as the word "wedding" is mentioned.

My Wedding Concierge seeks to remove all of those problems, so that organising your wedding can be a far more pleasant experience.

You may be wondering how we do all that. Well it all comes back to our unique "mass enquiry" system which is the cornerstone of the website. The ability to send multiple enquiries to relevant businesses instantly achieves a number of things:

  • It removes the need to spend hours make initial enquiries with numerous businesses one at a time.
  • It allows you to send identical enquiries to all of your selected businesses, ensuring consistency throughout the process, and making it much easier to compare the resulting quotes.
  • It creates a more competitive environment, so suppliers will strive to deliver the best quality offers they can, to attract your business.

The team at My Wedding Concierge are absolutely committed to giving you the best experience when organising your wedding. Give it a try, and see just how quick and easy it is to make contact with businesses, and save money at the same time!