Floral Cupcakes for Weddings

Wedding Cupcakes are rapidly growing in popularity in weddings all over the world. They're small, bite size, and very cute plus they taste great! They can be used in conjunction with a larger more traditional style wedding cake, or on their own and the possibilities for designs are simply endles. We've scoured the web and found the very best wedding cupcakes from around the world to inspire you!

Worst Wedding Dresses

It's true that not everybody has the same taste when it comes to most things in life, and the wedding dress is of course no exception. There is however no denying that this video contains some of the most awful wedding dress designs that you could ever hope to find.

Celebrity Wedding Dresses Banner

It can be hard finding the right dress to walk down the aisle to, so often the savvy bride-to-be will look to her favourite celebrity brides for a bit of inspiration. That's why we've created the ultimate collection of celebrity wedding dresses throughout the last 75 years!

South Australia is famous for its beautiful historic buildings and towns. With the state’s first settlements established back in the mid-1800s, many churches, houses and hotels built before the dawn of the 20th century are still standing.

When planning your wedding, you’re probably considering what kind of atmosphere you want to create for your big day. If you love recreating romantic history, then why not revisit a vanished era with the most stunning entrance possible – a horse and carriage.