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Bridesmaid dresses The uncontrived and cool – Fame & Partners does a modern take on conventional bridesmaid dresses that you will love and wear again. Design the perfect bridesmaid dress; with options to customise hemlines, sleeves, colour and more!

Because cool girls get married too!

About Fame & Partners
We give young women the tools online to craft looks unique to them; discover the dresses that suit them most, customise features to make it theirs and work with free stylists to complete their look. We believe that every girl has something special about her to celebrate, and what better time to do so, than at a special occasion.

We are a team of (mostly) girls that love fashion and technology. The mish mash of the two means that millions of girls are inspiring other girls, every day, with style inspiration; we love that this sharing is shaping a culture of girls that want an individual look and use this in our style profiling/trend tracking algorithms to create on trend collections. We are a vertically integrated operation with a real time, on demand supply chain that allows us to respond to fashion trends fast and our customers to tweak dress features and colour, to make it totally theirs.


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