I want to edit my listing but I can't access my account?

If you've never logged into the website before then most likely you don't have an account on the system yet. This is also why a password reset won't generate an email either.

In order to get access and start editing your listing here are the steps...

  1. Register a new account (the system will send out an activation email)
  2. Once activated locate your listing within the directory
  3. Click on the "claim listing" button and fill out your details

Once your claim submission has been approved it will link the business listing with your new account. Then the next time you log into your account you'll be able to edit the listing however you like!

I submitted a new listing/updated a listing but I can't see it in the directory?

Any time a new listing is added, or an existing listing is updated it goes into a moderation queue. This means a real person will chec all of the content to ensure it meets our guidelines. Once it has passed a review it will be republished onto the website.

How do I edit my business listing?

Log in to the website and go to the my account page. 

Within the listings tab you should be able to see all business listings associated with your account.

Over over the gear icon and select edit listing.

You can now adjust any details you like.